The Retail Solution

Point of Sale Software for Windows


Point of Sale customerThe Retail Solution is a fully integrated point-of-sale and business management software system running under Windows. Built for the most demanding of retail needs, it can enhance the efficiency of any retail business while providing important data for cash and inventory management. It offers breakthrough features that make it dramatically easier to set up, manage, and process sales transactions for any retail business.

The Retail Solution is a fast, dependable, easy-to-use, yet extremely powerful POS system for the Windows environment. It is designed to run on any IBM AT, PS/2, or 100% compatible computer, and can be operated on a single machine or as part of a local area network. The Retail Solution provides great flexibility for configuring POS systems using industry standard devices. It supports multiple POS devices (bar code scanners, printers, cash drawers, pole displays, magnetic card readers, plastic card printers, etc.) connected to the serial ports, the parallel port, or the keyboard input on the PC. In addition to having it's own built-in acounting, The Retail Solution is compatible with the leading Windows-based accounting software packages such as QuickBooks.

The Retail Solution Powerstation handles all sales transactions. Sales and returns are entered at the point of sale using one simple screen, which looks like a typical sales ticket. Items are scanned or keyed in and displayed instantly. The Retail Solution handles layaways and on-account transactions as simply as cash sales. It provides complete invoice histories for full reporting, allows multi-tendering and online credit card authorization, and accepts foreign currencies, split payments, and food stamps.

The Retail Solution Manager's Workstation automates back-office operations. Beyond basic inventory control features, its advanced capabilities promote optimum inventory levels, control costs, and set pricing. It supports millions of items of different types (kit, serialized, matrix, tag-along, parent-child, gasoline, mix & match, etc.). The Retail Solution automatically generates purchase orders. Merchandise is priced accurately and automatically, based on list price, quantity breaks, customer discounts, or markup from cost.

Accurate customer information is instantly available at business owners' fingertips for improving credit control and customer service. The Retail Solution tracks customers' preferences, shopping habits, payment history, and allows multi-level pricing to provide special discounts for preferred customers.

Membership/Discount Cards are another customer inforamtion tool. From the point-of-sale you now have the option of printing a user-definable membership/discount card. The card can automatically be assigned an optional discount code. Scanning the card at the lookup code or anytime during the sale will activate the optional discount and recall the customer's information.

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