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Restaurant Software


From reservations to tip allocation, drinks to dessert, The Restaurant Station handles it all. Many aspects of the Restaurant Station are user-definable, with options for fine dining, fast food, pizza, delivery, and more. Additional features include 100% touch screen support, integrated video surveillance, and an integrated drink recipe database. The Restaurant Station is fully integrated with The Manager’s Workstation for customized reports, inventory control, accounting and time clock. Features of this state of the art Restaurant Software include:


    Restaurant Software True 32-bit Windows-based program for maximum speed.
    On-screen context-sensitive help.
    Integrated backup/restore support using industry standard ZIP format.
    Option to support international date format.
    Support for US TAX, VAT, UK VAT, GST/PST and Australia GST (inclusive tax).
    Option to work at home with your store’s data files. Your data can now be checked out and back in again like a library book, using floppy disks, ZIP drive or removable hard drive.
    The Retail Solution SDK. Using the new XML data standard, key TRS data can now be accessed and updated in real time.


    Restaurant Software Fine dining mode with user-definable graphical store layout and integrated customer reservations. Sample Screen
    Fast food mode with single button cash out.
    Delivery support with integrated caller ID support for up to 25 lines. Microsoft Mappoint integrated: Include a map on the customer’s receipt or group multiple orders and print an optimized delivery route map. Sample Screen
    Bar & tavern support with pre-authorized credit card tab support. Integrated drink recipe database. Sample Screen
    Graphical build-a-pizza screen. Easily select toppings for a whole pizza, halves or thirds. Sample Screen
    User-definable drag-and-drop receipt setup for up to five different cook's printers. Option to sort dishes based on individual cook time.
    Integrated support for IBM/Logic Control’s food monitor and bump bar system.
    User-definable screen layout, button size and colors. Optional product logos can also added to each button. Easily reorganize any menu group using simple drag-and-drop. Supports both 640X480 and 600X800 screen resolutions. Sample Screen Sample Screen
    Integrated in-store charge (accounts receivable) support.
    100% touch screen or light pen support. Access over 1600 menu items with just two buttons.
    Easily configure every button using simple drag-and-drop commands. Multiple commands can be placed on one button. For example: When a salad is selected, the system could then automatically display the salad modifier options. Sample Screen
    One menu item can be composed of multiple inventory items, each with its own quantity.
    Multi-language support. When an employee logs in, buttons and text are displayed in their preset language.
    Preset number and type of side dishes for each main dish. Easily substitute sides. Additional charges will automatically be calculated.
    First screen displayed after login is configured per employee. For example: The first stop after login for the hostess could be the graphical table select window.
    Support for user-definable item size. For example: A small, medium or large drink, or a half, regular or large sandwich.
    Optional time-based menu display. For example: Breakfast menu, lunch menu and dinner menu. Each menu can have its own price level.
    Integrated time clock. User can easily login to preset job functions. Option to automatically reduce paid time by the amount pre-configured break time is exceeded. Sample Screen
    System security. Users can log in using the keyboard, touch screen, or swipe cards. Integrated fingerprint recognition support. Every button can be assigned a security level for access.
    Integrated video surveillance.
    User-definable drag-and-drop receipt setup. A user-definable coupon can be printed on the bottom of each receipt.
    Automatic selection of modifiers with optional forced/limited selections.
    Frequent diner support. Offer special discounts when a customer reaches a preset point level.
    Time-based order support. Just set the completion time and the order will automatically be sent to the cooks in advance based on order prep-time.
    Gift certificate tracking.
    Birthday feature allows for free or discounted dessert. If the preset maximum amount is exceeded, the difference is added to the sale.
    Integrated senior discount option. Senior prices are based on a preset price level. Senior and non-seniors orders can be placed on the same ticket.
    Integrated ICVERIFY credit card support. Supports true restaurant mode with optional preauthorized table credit card receipts.
    Easily discount or comp an item or the whole order. To help prevent future problems, detailed information including clerk, server, cook, time and discount amount are all available to The Report Writer.
    Real-time graphical sales analysis. At any time you can view sales, cost & profit by time, total sales by product type or sales by server. Information is automatically updated every 30 seconds. Sample Screen
    Easily settle tips and driver reimbursements throughout the day. Sample Screen
    Integrated reservation system. Sample Screen
    Time for a break? Easily assign all or part of your tables to one or more servers. Sample Screen
    Item recipe lookup. Servers can look up an item’s ingredients, nutritional information, allergy warnings and preparation directions. A picture of the finished product can also be viewed. Sample Screen
    Fully integrated with the Manager Workstation. Inventory control, customer tracking, general ledger, checkbook, time cards, open item accounts payable, open item accounts receivable and much more.
    Reports made easy! Just about all information is available to The Report Writer. For example: Ticket information including customer, table, duration time, server, discount and much more!


    Eight-level pricing with optional/ sale prices. Sample Screen
    Unlimited vendors per inventory item.
    Up to five barcodes per item.
    Each inventory item can have up to three description lines. Search for an item using any part of the three description lines. The labels for description lines two and three are user-definable. For example: Description line two could be the author’s name and description line three could be the publisher. Lines two and three can optionally be displayed on the ticket.
    Each inventory item can now have an optional sub-department and item style. Inventory reports can now be based on main department, sub-department or item style.
    For each inventory item, you can now graphically view quantity-on-hand and quantity sold for the past twelve months.
    The Inventory Manager uses advanced inventory forecasting models to compute optimized min/max settings for each inventory item. Sample Screen
    Direct integrated support for handheld Pocket PC’s. Take an inventory count, receive or create an order all from your Pocket PC. To update The Retail Solution, just place your Pocket PC back in its cradle, press a few buttons and you’re done! If your Pocket PC has a wireless connection, it’s even easier.
    Eight-level cost breaks per vendor/inventory item.
    Quick duplication of last item entered. Enter what’s different and press the ditto key.
    Tracks both average and last cost.
    Optional support of three decimal places for cost and retail prices.
    Tracks item’s physical location.
    Five user-definable fields of information can be stored for each inventory item.
    Detailed sales history on each item.
    View detailed inventory movement for an item.
    Global update. Make changes to inventory items using a standard spreadsheet screen.
    Global Inventory Receive. Easily receive orders that were not created by The Retail Solution.
    Master Order - Groups special orders, Web Store orders and items below minimum all on one screen. Option to change cost, order QTY, and current vendor from a pull-down list. A fast and easy way to handle all of your orders.
    Option to store inventory serial numbers when receiving an order.


    Up to eight customer price levels. Example: A customer set to price level one would pay retail prices while a customer set to price level two would pay wholesale prices. Sample Screen
    Keeps track of layaways and payments.
    Option to store customer’s picture.
    Keeps track of purchases made by each customer. (Item, quantity, price, date, invoice, serial number & warranty)
    Option to view a past ticket.
    Option to track store credit balance for each customer.
    Ten user-definable fields. Allows you add your own information for each customer. (Birthdays, anniversaries, special interest, etc.) This information can be used to create targeted mailings.
    User-definable membership tracking. (Price discount plan, green fees, support etc.)
    Option to store credit card information for use on future sales.
    Option to print custom mailing labels using drag-and-drop WYSIWG (what you see is what you get) environment.
    Global Customer Update. View and edit customer information in a spreadsheet format.
    Unlimited customer tax types with option to post each to a separate general ledger account. Great when dealing with customers from different counties and/or states.


    Integrated General Ledger. From inventory purchases to Web Store sales most of the bookkeeping is done for you.
    Supports both balance forward (e.g., credit cards) and open item accounts.
    Vendor Information now includes an optional billing address and notes.
    Statement reconciliation option for all credit cards and other balance forward bills.
    Due and discount dates for bills are automatically computed based on your terms with the vendor.
    Quick and easy bill payment screen. Sample Screen
    When you receive an order paid on account, a bill will automatically be created.
    Check printing. Print just one check or hundreds. User-definable check layout.


    Integrated General Ledger. From inventory purchases to Web Store sales most of the bookkeeping is done for you.
    Includes sample G/L accounts ready-to-go for most retail stores. Easily add or change accounts to match your business.
    Accounting Quick View screen with zoom-in detail reports. Sample Screen
    Income Statement & Balance Sheet with zoom-in detail reports.
    Set up income and expense budgets for all twelve months of the year.
    Direct integrated support for Quick books Pro 2002+
    End-of-day deposit option. Supports multiple deposits (e.g., cash/checks, VISA, Discover, etc.) which are automatically posted to the bank account you specify.


    Enter checks the same way you do in your manual check register, then let The Retail Solution do the math for you. Sample Screen
    View and edit checkbook transactions for up to two years.
    Completely integrated with General Ledger.
    Easy search option. Quickly find a transaction by amount, vendor, or memo.
    Detail mini-report: Double-click on any vendor to view all checkbook transactions for that vendor for up to two years.
    Supports multiple checkbooks and savings accounts.
    When receiving an order paid by check, the check information will automatically be posted to the check register.
    Easily reconcile your account with your monthly statement.
    Check printing. Print just one check or hundreds. User-definable check layout.


    Menu-level security. Inventory and customer information can now be restricted to view only. All Manager’s Workstation menu options and PowerStation menu options can be blocked or granted per employee. If an employee does not have rights to a needed option, a manager can now enter his or her code for onetime access. Managing employee access is easy with employee rights templates.
    Integrated employee scheduling automatically generates a complete work schedule based on employee availability and staffing requirements. More Information
    Optional fingerprint recognition support has been added. With a finger scanning device, priced under $100, you can now login to The Retail Solution, with just a touch of your finger. The future is here now!
    Tracks month-to-date and year-to-date sales, returns, commissions and average ticket amount. Sample Screen
    View monthly sales graph for each employee.
    Employee Security Log. Tracks all voided items, price changes, no sale drawer opening and many other security issues.


    From Point-of-Sales, employees easily log in and out of user-definable work functions. Sample Screen
    Computer total daily break time and deducts excess from pay.


    Easily create professional reports in a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) environment. Sample Screen
    A report can be viewed as a graph with just a click of the mouse.
    Create custom WYSIWG labels using drag-and-drop.
    Easily export your report information to be used in other software.
    Option to include up to two of your Report Writer reports with your regular End-of-Day Reports.
    All reports can be exported to an Excel file format.

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