The Retail Solution 10.0 now shipping!
Check out our new 10.0 features. For more information click here!   
WebStore Now Supports PayPal! 
Your on-line customers can now pay using their PayPal account.  PayPal has become a very popular form of payment for internet shoppers. 
The Dining Solution now shipping!
Check out the features of our all new touch-screen Restaurant Module.
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
We have added Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) support for orders.  User-definable field layouts can be exported as Excel, XML, HTML, and comma or tab delimited text files.  The EDI files can be automatically sent to the vendor by FTP when the order is posted.
Integrated Employee Scheduling!  
Generate a complete work schedule based on employee availability and staffing requirements.  For more information click Here!
On-Line Problem Tracking
The next time you place a tech support call, you will be issued a tracking number.  This tracking number is used in-house to track the status of each issue from call to solution.  You may also track the status of your issue on-line 24X7.   To view the status of an issue, click here!  
Schedule Events!
Scheduling dinner cruises, shows, plane and helicopter rides, etc. has never been easier.  Just about any group activity you can imagine can now easily be scheduled with our new event  feature.  Supports one-time or reoccurring events, optional seat assignments, check-in times, prepayments, deposits, crew scheduling, confirmation numbers, day-specific pricing, prepaid travel agency blocks and more.  Up to thirty user-definable questions can be asked about each person in a group or party.  For example:  weight, shoe size, meal choice, special occasion, etc.  This gives you the power and flexibility of a custom program with the price and reliability of an off-the-shelf product.  For more information click here!
Super Charged Kits!
A kit is a group of items that are sold as a package.  We have added two new features to our already very powerful kit option.  First, you can now make changes to a kit at point-of-sale:  Add or delete items, change quantities or prices, etc.  Total cost and percent of profit for the kit can optionally be displayed so you can maintain appropriate margins.  The second new option allows you to bring up a substitute list for any one item in the kit.  For example, a customer purchasing a computer system "kit" might want to upgrade to a 21" monitor.  You would select the monitor in the kit edit window and press the substitute key for a list of all monitors, showing stock availability.  
The Retail Solution Rules!
This hot feature allows you to set up package discount options.  For example:  Buy any two items from department ABC, receive a 50% discount on the second item.  It also offers frequent buyer options and the ability to print user-definable forms when specific items are purchased.
For more information click here!    Sample Screen
Discount Codes 
We have added an option to create batches of discount codes.  A discount code can be used to give a percent discount, flat rate amount discount, change the current price level or activate a rule discount (buy 2 get 1 50% off).   Each discount code can have an optional reference code for tracking different advertising methods.  All discount code information is available to our report writer including times used, customer, ticket number, discount amount given and much more!   For more information click here!
Membership/Discount Cards!
From the point-of-sale you now have the option of printing a user-definable membership/discount card.  The card can automatically be assigned an optional discount code.  Scanning the card at the lookup code or anytime during the sale will activate the optional discount and recall the customer's information.
Automated On-Line Support!
It's 3 o'clock in the morning and you need a report of all sales tax collected.  Try our new on-line 24x7 automated help.   Click here!
USB Support!
The Retail Solution now supports the Universal Serial Bus for many POS hardware devices.
Introducing Rules
This hot new feature allows you to set up package discount options.  For example:  Buy any two items from department ABC, receive a 50% discount on the second item.  In the very near future, rules will also be used for frequent buyer options and to print user-definable forms when specific items are purchased.     Sample Screen  Sample Screen
Employee Time Card 
Each Time Card contains employee's  regular, overtime and holiday hours, commission, spiffs and bonus pay for a specific date range.  Total gross pay for salaried employees is also computed.  Multi-Site FTP can automatically transfer Time Cards to a main location for centralized payroll processing.     
OLE POS Support!
The Retail Solution now supports OLE POS devices.  This new option allows easy set up of  many POS hardware products!
Inventory Income Account!
Each inventory account can now have its own unique general ledger income account.
New Employee Commission Option!
Employee commission can now be based on a percent of profit range.  For example:  When profit on an item is 50% the employee receives 10% profit commission.  When profit on the same item is 25%, the employee could receive 5% profit commission.  This feature can be used to motivate employees to sell at a higher profit!  
Serial Inventory Tracking! 
Look up item order and sales information from serial number. Sample Screen
Multi-Site FTP now shipping!
Store-to-store transfers using the Internet.   Click here!   
Web Store Now On-line!
Combining The Power of The Retail Solution with the on-line Internet shopping.  Click here for overview
The Retail Solution demo now available!
Check out our new demo.  Click here to download
Rental option now on-line!
Take a look at our new fully loaded rental option
Data Import Wizard
The Manager's Workstation now includes the Import Data Wizard to add or update inventory, customers and vendors to The Retail Solution.   The Import Data Wizard can read Lotus, dBASE, Excel, Paradox, Quattro, Symphony and ASCII data files.
QuickBooks Interface
The Manager's Workstation for Windows now has an option for all The Retail Solution G/L transactions to be transferred to QuickBooks.
Global Adjustments
A new option to globally adjust inventory quantities has been added to The Manager's Workstation for Windows version 1.0.39.   Adjustments can be manually entered or imported from a file or hand-held data collector.  The built in compress feature will combine quantities of items entered more than once.  For example, if you enter the quantity of an item on the floor and later enter the quantity in the backroom, they will be combined. 
The Retail Solution Form Creator
This new Windows-based program allows you to create graphic forms for The Managerís Workstation for Windows and the forthcoming TRS Power Station for Windows.  It currently supports the purchase order form but checks, invoices, statements, quotes, work orders and more are coming soon. You can even import your current TRS (DOS) forms.  Now included with version 1.0.38 or greater of The Manager's Workstation. 
Just the Fax
The Manager's Workstation for Windows version 1.0.38 or greater now allows you to directly fax your Purchase Order with just a few clicks of the mouse!