The Retail Solution

Introduction to THe Retail Solution Point of Sale software

The Retail Solution 9.0 includes the following products:
• The PowerStation
• The Manager’s Workstation
• The TRS Form Creator
• The E-mail Agent

Optional add-ons include Multi-Site FTP, The Restaurant Station, Rentals, Scheduling, and Web Store.

What Is The Powerstation?
The PowerStation is The Retail Solution’s point-of-sale module. You will use this program to ring
up sales and create work orders, special orders, quotes, and more! The PowerStation also has an
optional Time Clock that can be used to track hours worked by each employee.

What Is The Manager’s Workstation?
The Manager’s Workstation is The Retail Solution’s management module. You will use this
program to add and update inventory information, create and receive orders, add and update
customer and employee information, print accounts receivable statements, create reports, print
labels, make backups, and more! In addition, the Manager’s Workstation includes an integrated
general ledger with check printing.

What Is The Form Creator?
This program allows you to create your own customized forms, such as invoices, quotes, work
orders, statements, and purchase orders, for use with the PowerStation and Manager’s Workstation.

What Is The E-mail Agent?
This program allows you to send E-mail directly from the Manager’s Workstation. You can also
E-mail a receipt from the PowerStation.


True 32-bit Windows-based program for maximum speed.  
On-screen context-sensitive help.
All new 300+ page printed manual with step-by-step instructions.
Integrated backup/restore support using industry standard ZIP format.
Option to support international date format.
Data Import Wizard. Easily import inventory, customers & vendors from virtually any program or data file.
Support for US TAX, VAT, UK VAT, GST/PST and Australia GST (inclusive tax).
UPS address label export option.
Option to work at home with your store’s data files. Your data can now be checked out and back in again like a library book, using floppy disks, ZIP drive or removable hard drive.
The Retail Solution SDK. Using the new XML data standard, key TRS data can now be accessed and updated in real time.

POINT-OF-SALE  Click here to view a Flash enabled POS screen.

Touch screen and light pen support. Optional "mouse-free" operation.  Sample Screen
Option to view running count, sub-total and total during the sale.
Support of 10 different printers: invoice, quote, hold ticket, picking ticket, gift registry, work order, receipt, gift receipt, cook receipt and more.
Drag-and-drop receipt layout. You now control the size and placement of all information on your receipts.  Sample Screen
Smart Coupons.  Option to print coupons at the bottom of the customer's receipt.  Coupons can be printed randomly, or based on items the customer did or did not purchase.  Sample Screen
Layaway tracking. Each customer can have one or more layaways in progress.
Invoices and picking tickets can be printed or faxed; receipts can be printed or E-mailed.
Package sales (kits).
Stored quotes can easily become a work order or sale.
Photographs of customers and/or inventory items can be displayed on-screen.  Sample Screen
Customer photographs can be scanned or captured via digital camera at point-of-sale.
Bad check tracking.
Add-on sale recommendations. (Batteries, paper, ribbon, etc.)
Power Button Menu. Quickly show a window of up to 100 user-definable buttons. Each button can have a unique graphic icon and be a different color. A button can be used to show an inventory item, a kit, a comment or another Power Button Menu. During a sale, access over 7000 items with just three button clicks.
Offers out-of-stock item substitution suggestion.
Automatic or optional add-on sales. (Core charges, installation, deposits, etc.)
Gift certificate card tracking. You now have the option to sell serialized certificate cards and track the balance.
Ability to reprint or void past sales tickets.
Integrated Video Surveillance support. Hardware needed can be less than $100.
Do any of your employees have problems spelling? Is that Mr. Reynolds?, Mr. Renaulds?, Mr. Raynolds? or Mr. Renolds? With our new sound-alike option activated, The Retail Solution will find it no matter which way you spell it. This feature works with all three inventory description lines, company and customer contact names.
Option to record payment information when placing a ticket on hold, but not charge until shipped.
New delivery option with Microsoft MapPoint integration. Multiple orders can easily be selected and an optimized map route printed.  Sample Screen
Export/Import tickets. For example: Ring up sales at a show or temporary location and add them to the day’s sales at your main store.
Integrated caller ID support. If your business does a lot of phone orders, this will be a great time saver. (Supports up to 10 phone lines.)
Ability to recall a past sales ticket by the serial number of an item on the ticket.
Computes and tracks employee commissions.  Sample Screen
Inventory/Customer tax matrix. Two customers could pay different tax amounts for the same product.
Tracks special orders with optional deposit. Reminds you to order the item and prints the customer’s name and phone number on the receiving report.
Receive open item A/R payments. Select which invoice(s) to pay and what amount on each one or have The Retail Solution disburse the payment automatically.
Automatic lookup of city and state from zip code.
Discount Codes.  Detailed Information
Print membership/discount cards.   Detailed Information
Power Menu: Create your own user-definable menu buttons to quickly access common products or services.
Power Windows: User-definable forms that prompt employees to select from predetermined options to create a package.
Line item discounts can be itemized on the ticket.
Auto restore option allows you to recover a ticket-in-progress after a power outage or system failure.
Training mode: Easily train employees without affecting your live data.
RMA Tracking. Tracking of defective products that have been shipped back to the vendor. 
Supports foreign currency.  Automatically computes exchange amount. 
TRS Rules!  User-definable discount option.   For example: Buy 2 and get 1 at 50% off.  Detailed Information  Sample Screen
Option to view customer purchase history and select item(s) to add to current sale.
Enter multiple lines of comments in one text box.
Option to insert an item or comment in the middle of a ticket.
Paper-saving option to combine products with the same stock number into one line item.
Work Orders. Start a job, enter detailed notes, take an optional deposit, assign it to an employee, print a user-definable work order, do the work and then complete the sale. Status history is tracked throughout the process.   Sample Screen
Work Order notes can automatically be transferred to customer notes when the Work Order has been completed. You now can easily view a detailed log of all services performed for a specific customer.
Option to Quick Add an item at point-of-sale using minimal information.
Gift Registry tracking with optional hand-held data collector support.  Sample Screen
Option to support user-definable invoices, quotes, hold tickets, picking tickets, work orders, and gift registry forms.
User-definable receipt layout with graphic support.
Support for the new POS standard OPOS devices.
User-definable pole-display message with marquee option. Up to 15 different rotating messages.
Optional pop-up calculator.
View and edit customer information at point-of-sale.
ICVerify support: Option to print and close the credit card batch from point-of-sale. Sample Screen 1    Sample Screen 2
Readings displayed in graphic format.   Sample Screen
Recurring accounts receivable charges. Just set up the first charge sale and indicate when to repeat (every week, month, or year) and for how long.
Look up item order and sales information from serial number. Sample Screen


Eight-level pricing with optional/ sale prices.   Sample Screen
Unlimited vendors per inventory item.
Up to five barcodes per item.
Each inventory item can have up to three description lines. Search for an item using any part of the three description lines. The labels for description lines two and three are user-definable. For example: Description line two could be the author’s name and description line three could be the publisher. Lines two and three can optionally be displayed on the ticket.
Each inventory item can now have an optional sub-department and item style. Inventory reports can now be based on main department, sub-department or item style.
X for Y pricing.
Two age verification options are available for inventory items. A date will be requested when this item is sold.
Two license verification options are available for inventory items. A license number will be requested when this item is sold.
For each inventory item, you can now graphically view quantity-on-hand and quantity sold for the past twelve months.
The Inventory Manager uses advanced inventory forecasting models to compute optimized min/max settings for each inventory item. Sample Screen
Direct integrated support for handheld Pocket PC’s. Take an inventory count, receive or create an order all from your Pocket PC. To update The Retail Solution, just place your Pocket PC back in its cradle, press a few buttons and you’re done! If your Pocket PC has a wireless connection, it’s even easier.
Eight-level cost breaks per vendor/inventory item.
Quick duplication of last item entered. Enter what’s different and press the ditto key.
Tracks both average and last cost.
Optional support of three decimal places for cost and retail prices.
Tracks item’s physical location.
Five user-definable fields of information can be stored for each inventory item.
Detailed sales history on each item.
View detailed inventory movement for an item.
Global update. Make changes to inventory items using a standard spreadsheet screen.
Ask Unit option. At point-of-sale you are prompted to select from a user-definable unit size. Each unit size can have a different retail price. Example: Each, 6-pack, 12-pack, 24-pack etc.
Shipping item. Auto compute shipping charges based on total ticket, item count or weight.
Kits: Sell a group of items as a package. Have one price for the whole package, or price items individually.  Sample Screen
Global Inventory Receive. Easily receive orders that were not created by The Retail Solution.
Inventory Matrix Support. Just enter one item with the size/color information and The Retail Solution will automatically create up to 5000 other items for you. Enter just the SKU at the point-of-sale and you will be prompted for the size and/or color.  Sample Screen   Sample Screen
Master Order - Groups special orders, Web Store orders and items below minimum all on one screen. Option to change cost, order QTY, and current vendor from a pull-down list. A fast and easy way to handle all of your orders.
Option to store inventory serial numbers when receiving an order.


Up to eight customer price levels. Example: A customer set to price level one would pay retail prices while a customer set to price level two would pay wholesale prices.    Sample Screen
Keeps track of layaways and payments.
Option to store customer’s picture.
Keeps track of purchases made by each customer. (Item, quantity, price, date, invoice, serial number & warranty)
Option to view a past ticket.
Option to track store credit balance for each customer.
Ten user-definable fields. Allows you add your own information for each customer. (Birthdays, anniversaries, special interest, etc.) This information can be used to create targeted mailings.
User-definable membership tracking. (Price discount plan, green fees, support etc.)
Option to store credit card information for use on future sales.
Option to print custom mailing labels using drag-and-drop WYSIWG (what you see is what you get) environment.
Global Customer Update. View and edit customer information in a spreadsheet format.
Unlimited customer tax types with option to post each to a separate general ledger account. Great when dealing with customers from different counties and/or states.


Open item accounts receivable. Allows the customer to select which invoice to pay and how much. The invoice will continue to show on the customer’s statement until it is paid in full.
Reoccurring accounts receivable. Automatic billing for a fixed number weeks, months or years.
Support of in-house credit terms
Support of deferred invoice charges. Example: "90 days same as cash."
Optional interest charge during deferred period. Example: "No payments and 2.9% for one year."
Optional minimum payment based on invoice amount.
Review and adjust A/R balances and print user-definable A/R statements at one screen.
Sort statements by customer name or zip code.


Integrated General Ledger. From inventory purchases to Web Store sales most of the bookkeeping is done for you.
Supports both balance forward (e.g., credit cards) and open item accounts. 
Vendor Information now includes an optional billing address and notes.
Statement reconciliation option for all credit cards and other balance forward bills.
Due and discount dates for bills are automatically computed based on your terms with the vendor.
Quick and easy bill payment screen.  Sample Screen
When you receive an order paid on account, a bill will automatically be created.
Check printing. Print just one check or hundreds. User-definable check layout.


Integrated General Ledger. From inventory purchases to Web Store sales most of the bookkeeping is done for you.
Includes sample G/L accounts ready-to-go for most retail stores. Easily add or change accounts to match your business.
Accounting Quick View screen with zoom-in detail reports.  Sample Screen
Income Statement & Balance Sheet with zoom-in detail reports.
Set up income and expense budgets for all twelve months of the year.
Direct integrated support for Quick books Pro 2002
End-of-day deposit option. Supports multiple deposits (e.g., cash/checks, VISA, Discover, etc.) which are automatically posted to the bank account you specify.


Enter checks the same way you do in your manual check register, then let The Retail Solution do the math for you.  Sample Screen
View and edit checkbook transactions for up to two years.
Completely integrated with General Ledger.
Easy search option. Quickly find a transaction by amount, vendor, or memo.
Detail mini-report: Double-click on any vendor to view all checkbook transactions for that vendor for up to two years.
Supports multiple checkbooks and savings accounts.
When receiving an order paid by check, the check information will automatically be posted to the check register.
Easily reconcile your account with your monthly statement.
Check printing. Print just one check or hundreds. User-definable check layout.


Menu-level security. Inventory and customer information can now be restricted to view only. All Manager’s Workstation menu options and PowerStation menu options can be blocked or granted per employee. If an employee does not have rights to a needed option, a manager can now enter his or her code for onetime access.  Managing employee access is easy with employee rights templates.
Integrated employee scheduling automatically generates a complete work schedule based on employee availability and staffing requirements.  More Information
Optional fingerprint recognition support has been added. With a finger scanning device, priced under $100, you can now login to The Retail Solution, with just a touch of your finger. The future is here now!
Tracks month-to-date and year-to-date sales, returns, commissions and average ticket amount.    Sample Screen
View monthly sales graph for each employee.
Employee Security Log. Tracks all voided items, price changes, no sale drawer opening and many other security issues.


From Point-of-Sales, employees easily log in and out of user-definable work functions.    Sample Screen
Computer total daily break time and deducts excess from pay.


Easily create professional reports in a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) environment.    Sample Screen
A report can be viewed as a graph with just a click of the mouse.
Create custom WYSIWG labels using drag-and-drop.
Easily export your report information to be used in other software.
Option to include up to two of your Report Writer reports with your regular End-of-Day Reports.
All reports can be exported to an Excel file format.


Create your own customized forms for use with the PowerStation and Manager’s Workstation: Invoices, Rental Invoices, Quotes, Picking Tickets, Purchase Orders, A/R Statements, Work Orders, Gift Registry. Easy drag-and-drop process.    Sample Screen
Form Creation Wizard leads you through the form creation process.


Each rental item can reference up to thirty serialized items.   Sample Screen
Cost, total income, next service date, current customer, last customer, and current status is tracked for each serialized item.
Each rental item can have up to ten different rent durations using hours, days, weeks and years. Example: 1 to 4 hours, 1 to 3 days or 1 to 2 weeks.
Each rent duration can be priced as a per unit charge or a total flat rate charge. Example: 1 to 4 hours priced at $5.95 per hour or 1 to 4 hours for $25.00 total.  Sample Screen
Each rent duration can have a minimum rent time. Example: 2 hour minimum. 
Each rent duration can have up to three price levels based on date range or day-of-the-week. Example: Rental price could automatically increase during the summer and decrease for the Tuesday special.   Sample Screen 
A day can be defined by a fixed next day return time or 24 hours from start of rental for each rental item.  Sample Screen
From point-of-sales, a rental item can be looked up using the main rental item number, the main rental barcode number, the main rental description, the main rental other lookup or the unique reference number for the specific item. 
When looking up by the main rental item, a list of unique reference numbers for the specific rental will be displayed.
Return date/time is automatically computed and printed on the customer’s rental invoice or receipt.   Sample Screen
When completing a rental sale, an optional combined security deposit will be requested. 
A rental can be returned by entering or scanning the rented item’s number or from a rented items list for a specific customer.
An optional late fee is automatically computed using the rent duration/price list for the item.  


Create an unlimited number of resources, either individually or using the resource matrix. 
Availability can be viewed for an individual resource and a group of resources.  Sample Screen
Specify availability for each resource based on day of the week or time of day.
Each resource can be linked to a set of inventory items which the clerk can choose from when completing the scheduled event.  A ticket will automatically be created from the specified items.
Any resource can be specified temporarily inactive.
Easily create your own customized graphic view for each group of resources using a simple drag-and-drop method.   Optional icons can be added to link to other groups.  Sample Screen
Use the Report Writer to create your own customized reports based on scheduling information.

WEB STORE OPTION Detailed Information

Completely integrated with The Retail Solution.
Support for item picture and expanded description.
Inventory Matrix Support.  (Ask size/color option).
Each category can have it's own price level.
For faster loading, category pages can automatically be split into multiple sub-pages.
Category pages can automatically be sent to your web page (FTP).
Customers can search by stock number, description or other lookup.
Up-to-the-minute stock availability information.
Automatically charges tax for in-state orders.
Automatically computes shipping charges based on total ticket, item count or weight.
Automatic notification of new web orders.
back order and special order support.  Web orders can be split into multiple shipments with the total shipping charge paid on first shipment.
Web layout and shopping cart screens are completely user-definable.
Web order status can be viewed on-line anytime with a link to the shipper's web page for instant on-line tracking information.

MULTI-SITE  FTP OPTION Detailed Information

Transfers can be sent once a day at a specific time or throughout the day at specified intervals (from once per minute to once every 6 hours).
The option to export and import setup information allows you to set up Multi-Site FTP at your remote locations with just few clicks of the mouse.
Multi-Site FTP setup information is password protected. 
Information can optionally be transferred by floppy or Zip drive.
Transferred information is encrypted for complete data security. 
Uses standard FTP (File Transfer Protocol) with optional FTP firewall support to exchange information between stores.
Multi-Site FTP runs in the background on one of your current systems and all stores can send and receive information simultaneously.
Complete and detailed transfer log includes option to send Email notification if a transfer error occurs. 
Different retail prices can be specified for certain types of locations. For example, the retail price of an item at a mall store may be different than at other locations. 
Master inventory order. View Web Store orders, special orders and inventory needed for all locations on one screen.



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