The Retail Solution
Hardware Requirements/Guidelines

There are only a few. Almost any new PC hardware will work with our software. The only real restriction is the operating system: It must be Windows 98* or greater.

Although any modern PC will run The Retail Solution adequately, a machine with a faster processor and more RAM will obviously improve performance, to a point. The difference between a low-end and mid-range PC will be quite evident, but the improvement from a mid-range to high-end system will probably not be noticeable.

For other types of hardware, we do have a few general guidelines:

Parallel printers are preferred. They are a lot easier to set up, and they are faster than serial printers. This applies to both receipt and invoice printers.

Switch boxes are not recommended. A better solution is to add a second parallel port to the computer, and run the receipt printer through LPT1, and your invoice printer through LPT2. A parallel port costs about the same amount as a switch box, and is more reliable.

Wedge scanners are recommended. If you have a different type of scanner (such as a USB scanner), it has to be able to perform ‘keyboard emulation’ in order to work in TRS.

A cash drawer that hooks up to the receipt printer is recommended: You can get a cash drawer that connects directly into your computer, but it’s easier to configure when the cash drawer hooks directly into the receipt printer. It also frees up a COM port for use by other hardware. NOTE: It’s a good idea to purchase the cash drawer and receipt printer from the same vendor.

Pocket PC. We support any Pocket PC with a Strong-ARM or PXA255 (X-Scale) microprocessor running Windows CE or Windows 2002.  For example: HP iPAQ 2900 series (an optional barcode scanner from Socket Systems could be added) or Symbol PPT 2800 series.

* While our software will run on Windows NT/2000 without a problem, it may be more difficult to locate POS hardware drivers.

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